About us


Not comparable to any other active content platform, what we have birthed through endless hours of expression of passion is the best of what true lovers of technology could wish for in a company dedicated to delivering information. We don’t consider our writers as mere copy and paste artists, turning down all articles that would come out as not original.

We never act on impulsive whims when publishing content, there is seldom any breaking news in the technology genre of news and as such we take all the necessary time to deliver depth in the topics that always get our readers sharing on social media.

Social media does take a huge part of the reasons what we have been successful of late, with a combined million reach within our company, the readers amplify what can be termed viral for every post that gets shared from our platform. We have seen a lot of growth, to which we respond with more content and better timing to serve all requests from the four corners of the world.

The rate at which technology advances has always fascinated us, and the same passion we placed into the first published work is the same that new readers get on the last article we publish each day.