A standard IT companies in Edmonton on it consulting is questioning the commitment of BD Hydro when it come to ensuring that the business opportunities for the local scene will flow as promised form the Site C damn project that is worth $9 billion.

Allan Begelman who is the business development manager for IT North that is headquartered at St. John stated that the interest of his company is in trying to bid for subcontracts that are related toward the setting up for computer networks, the set up of the Wi-Fi and such other services that are on the major contracts to ensure that the 1,500-person workforce camp for the project is built and to also help build in the construction of the main civil-works for the dam.

So far though, Bagelman has stated that these contractors seem to be directly awarded the IT works even before putting them put for those tenders that the people at IT North could have successfully made a bid on. This is despite the participation of IT North in the business-networking events that were set up by BC Hydro. This is supposed to match the local supplier sin the region with the major contractors.

Bagelman stated that there was never anything that was posted in on the website for the BC bid. They cannot also show them any procurement process as well that will allow anyone in the B.C. area and even in the region along the Peace River to bid on the project. He said that they were watching but they never saw anything on the site.

He also shared an email chain that was between him and the Structure and Logistics of ATCO that all indicated that it has actually sourced it services form a firm that is based in Alberta, Inland Network Services, to offer their assistance for the camp.

Bagelman has stated that a representative for the Partners at Peace River Hydro, which was the consortium that successfully won the main contract for the civil works worth $1.75 billion, that it was actually working with a firm that was based in BC. The firm was an entity that the consortium has worked with before too.

According to Shauna Peets, ATCO’s spokeswoman through an email statement, there was supposed to be this whole competitive process involved in the awarding of its contract. She stated that it was awarded back in October. She stated that by that time, IT North was not able to successfully compile with and complete the pre-qualifications process. ATCO has these specific processes that vendors are supposed to comply with if they want to be considered for the contract bidding and awarding. She also stated that ATCO is going to work with IT North though to see if the firm was able to successfully contract to any the vendors that it has selected. According to their preferences is to often select local vendors so they typically do so.

A representative from the Peace River Hydro has not responded to the request for interviews by the Wednesday deadline that was set. However, Spokesman for BC Hydro, David Conway, offered emailed response to questions that were raised related to the matter.