A weeklong computer recycling event will be held in Toronto hosted by Computation. Computation is a computer recycling company that is based in Toronto is known to provide laptop and computer repair, refurbishment, data destruction and recovery, removal of computer virus and even offers tech support to clients. This weeklong activity will start on April 18 and ends on the 24th of the same month. This one time opportunity is offered to interested individuals who have encountered technical and software problems of their computer.

In the event that your computer will no longer work and really are considered to be busted, then you can opt to have software development in toronto city. Since this involves personal data and other confidential files will be at stake, the company will make sure that they will destroy every bits and pieces of data collected in the system to maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality of the said files. This activity could be beneficial to you as the computer owner because you can be rest assured that your data will be kept safe, retrieved files will be stored securely and since you will no longer have the unit in your home, you can definitely free up some space.

It was intended that the event would be on the 18 th to the 24 th of April because it is considered as the Earth Week. That is why the company has decided to donate $1 to every recycled major item to a tree planting activity which is through Glow Clean Air Program headed by Tree Canada. This opportunity will not just entitle you to have your computer repaired or refurbished but to also pride yourself in doing something for the benefit of promoting clean and green environment.

Glow Clean Air is not just an ordinary program but a nationally recognized charitable organization that is known to help out promoting clean and green environment to the country for more than 20 years and running. For the record, the said organization has already planted out 80 million trees and still counting. That is why Computation has chosen to be in partnership with Glow Clean Air to support the goal of the said charity.

The even will take place in Computation’s facility in 280 Jane Street Toronto. The weeklong event will start at 10 am to 7 pm during weekdays and 10 am to 6 pm during weekends.

The partnership of Computation along with Glow Clean Air program gain to promote the services offered by each company. Computation can showcase their talent by showing interested individuals how well they work when it comes to computer repair and exemplary in terms of doing services that they offer. On the other hand, Glow Clean Air program will also take the opportunity for the people to know them better and appreciate their mission when it comes to the conservation of mother nature. Come to this event and bring your own unit of computers that needs to be repaired and take part in the beautification and restoration of our nature.